Meet the Hoopsie Daisies, New York's squad of electrifying hoop dancers. Bringing love and light everywhere they go, the Hoopsie Daisies hypnotize with LED hula-hoop performances. Want to get to know the daisies better, or interested in having them at your next event? Contact them here or at ...
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Daisies~ Hoop by LED Artistry

raabbiit asked: you are all beauties and i love this blog! i'm a new york hooper too!& i hope you dont mind if i do some inspired face painting because all of yours is really awesome! keep spinning

thank you! ahhh how could we ever mind someone being inspired to paint? ^__^ thank you for the support. Happy hooping and endless love~

Disco Daisy
Luna Daisy lost in the lights~

mamafit23 asked: Hey there! My friend and I wanted to start hooping, for exercise and just because of the beauty in it. But we don't know where to start! What do you suggest?

Hello :) For starters, you should purchase a beginners hoop. Usually 36-42” hoops are great for learning the basic motions.

^^wonderful, reliable company!
Next, you can start with just normal waist hooping and standard hoop play where you can allow yourself to feel the way the hoop moves around your hands, neck and different parts of your body.. when you feel comfortable with basic hooping you should try to find local hoop classes. In an ideal situation, learning hoop dance from a teacher/friend in person is a great to way to start, however not everyone has those options. If there aren’t any nearby classes you can find, try looking on youtube for beginner hoop trick tutorials. Also, the ‘Unity of Hula Hoopers’ group on facebook is a wonderful group full of hoopers that post about classes, tips and all kinds of hoop related stuff. Have a lovely evening. Happy hooping <3

Hoop love
Sapphire Daisy
Lights ♡ Photo taken by Pete Destefano
Luna Daisy at Camp Bisco 12
Photo taken by Pete Destefano